The production team of Digital Frontier Motion Pictures Corporation has the most excellent 3D elites in this industry community and the capability of value-added summarization in Taiwan. This team is also one of the capable teams that are undergoing big projects in Taiwan. We can handled all project from concept design, graphic art, storyboard, 3D animation, digital effects and composit. At the blooming development in global special effect of 3D animation nowadays, Digital Frontier Motion Pictures Corporation hope can work together with more foreign companies and domestic talents to accomplish various different forms of 3D special effect works. The works include 3D animation TV albums or serials, 3D computer game opening animation, crossing scene animation and level animation, CGI & VFX for TV CF, CGI & VFX for movie, digital special effect and 3D animation special effect for feature film etc. Digital contents' production is the executing and non-stop direction aimed by the 3D Department and digital special effect department of Digital Frontier Motion Pictures Corporation.

dftc Digital Art Center (2000~2006). In order to nurture more 3D elites for 3D animation industry, Digital Frontier Motion Pictures Corporation has particularly cooperated with Alias|Wavefront in Canada in establishing Maya Educational Training Center ( dftc Digital Art Center ) in Taiwan that is directly authorized by Alias|Wavefront in Canada. To provide a good learning environment and learning opportunity to the people who wish to learn 3D animation through a formal teaching and certification system. The purpose of establishing dftc Digital Art Center lies in nurturing talents for the formed 3D animation applied industry, film, game and what's more essential is to aim the nurturing of 3D animation talents for the blooming new media industry - 3D Interative, Internet and digital content industry in advance. And only then, once the overall and clear applied mode is developed to Internet, Taiwan can have stronger competitiveness.
dftc Digital Art Center, the education and training business until 2006, when Autodesk acquired Alias | Wavefront company so far. Click to visit dftc Digital Art Center home page to learn more.
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